NAV Journals

Sometimes the journal entry in NAV can be confusing when users first see the Bal. Account No. field.
Using a balance account on the journal line allows a balanced journal to be entered using one line rather than the traditional two lines.

A traditional journal would be two lines – one with a debit and one with a credit value.


The same result can be achieved in NAV with a single line by using the Bal. Account Type and Bal. Account No. fields to post the opposite side of the transaction.

In the example below, there will a debit to account 8210 and a credit to account 2910 for the same amount.



The journal below would result in the same postings. Note that the credit account is entered first and the amount is negative.


This is a neat, time saving feature, particularly if you have to enter a number of Journals.

Written By Jennifer Carter

Jennifer became a consultant in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) field in 1999. In 2008 she started working with Dynamics NAV and worked in the UK both as a consultant and in a support role for Russian, Hungarian and Spanish installations. Back in Australia Jennifer worked on a nine month NAV project in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne. She has been involved in all phases of the project life cycle. Jennifer joined Fenwick Software in 2016. She enjoys solving problems and providing useful and stable solutions that deliver customer benefits.


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