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Dynamics NAV – Selling Items with Price per KG

NAV Selling Items with Price per KG

In Dynamics NAV, Sales Prices can be linked directly to Units of Measure. This is useful if you intend to grant lower prices to customers who buy in bulk i.e. a pallet instead of smaller boxes and packs.

What is not supported is selling in one unit of measure while using the price of another. In the example below, this makes sense. Trying to sell an item where the price is defined in kilograms but sold in another unit of measure can be a problem.


That’s where Fenwick Gold’s upcoming Price by Weight module comes in. It has been designed to support two types of weighted items, Fixed and Random.

Fixed weight items have been developed to support products like steel beams. These are always the same weight but the price is volatile and can vary from order to order. Rather than the user needing to calculate the unit price by multiplying the current price per kilogram with the known weight, they can enter the price per kilogram directly into NAV.


Random weight items have been developed to support food service products like chickens or roast lamb. These products have a variable weight per unit and need to be costed accordingly, i.e. heavier chickens should be more expensive than lighter chickens. This can be achieved by entering the total weight in kilograms on the sales line, which will recalculate the unit price.

Price by Weight was designed to increase efficiency and flexibility during order entry for industries that rely heavily on weighted products. It will available in the upcoming Fenwick Gold v5.1 release for Dynamics NAV 2017.

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