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Automatic Notifications From Dynamics NAV

Automatic Notifiactions from NAV

The Fenwick Gold Advanced Notifications granule provides the ability to alert people of real-time events and triggers that take place within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These notifications can be sent to internal employees, using the standard Notification functionality or via email, or to third party users through emails. These automatic triggers eliminate the need to check the system for information on specific values and requirements.

A few common examples are listed below:

  • Notify the Accounts Receivables Manager if a Customer Credit Limit is exceeded or if the Credit Limit value is altered by a user.
  • Email a courtesy letter to a Customer when a new Sales Quote is created within NAV.
  • Send a warning to the Warehouse Manager when the stock level falls below the reorder point.
  • Email Salespeople when a new To-Do is created for them within the system.

Fenwick Gold Advanced Notifications saves the time you would otherwise spend searching and remembering to check data.

The Advanced Notification granule is designed in such a way that it can be setup and maintained by end users. The setup includes a wizard. After answering a few questions, your notification is ready to be used. Further, the Email notifications can be customised using html templates and additional text relating to the specific trigger. The module provides scheduling capabilities to define when the notification needs to be sent and logs details regarding all sent notifications.

The module provides a framework to customise business-requirement specific notifications that are tailored to match your needs. Implementing this automated notification system gives you the ability to make proactive decisions, saves the time you would otherwise spend searching and remembering to check data, and introduces a simple communication channel with external parties.

Read more about the Advanced Notifications Fenwick Gold granule.

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