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Managing Quality Control within NAV Manufacturing Module

Quality Control (QC) can be an important part of the manufacturing process. Manufactured items are generally not available for use until the QC process has been completed.

Dynamics NAV provides many different features for QC. The following is one of the possible configurations within NAV to do this:

Creating Dedicated Work Centres for QC

Work Centres can be used to manage the QC process. For QC as an internal process, the work centre can be created and setup with a calendar, availability, and unit cost of running the QC operations (as shown below)

If QC is an external process, you can set up the work centre as “Specific Unit Cost”. This means that you can define the unit cost for External QC process in the Routing.

Setting up Routing with QC

When routings are set up for the item, external as well as internal QC processes can be added as operations. For external QC, you can define the Unit cost per column to identify the cost of the testing. When you run subcontracting worksheets, the system will automatically create a Purchase Order for the QC process, which can be sent to the laboratory conducting the tests.

Defining Quality Measures and Tolerances

Dynamics NAV provides a way for you to define quality parameters and the tolerable ranges for an operation within the Routing.

New fields can easily be added to this table to store additional quality characteristics.


Processing Production Orders

With this setup, the items will not be available for use until all the operations have been completed including quality. If it’s an external QC operation, this means processing the receipt on the P.O. If it’s an internal QC process, the operation needs to marked finished or production order needs to be finalised for the goods to become available.

When a production order is created, the system copies the Quality Measures to the production order. Minor changes can be made to print these on the Job card and store the actual values of quality parameters against the order.


Finally, the Fenwick Gold Module Production Scheduler allows for a dedicated screen for various departments (or work centre groups) to manage their tasks. This allows easy processing of production orders and ensures a higher operational efficiency with maximum tracking.

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