As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Fenwick Software was invited to participate in the Microsoft APC on the Gold Coast in early September. Greg Galloway (CEO) and I attended.
This year saw a dramatic shift away from the conventional way of life in the Microsoft Partner Channel ecosystem, usually focused around: licencing sales; how to market; new functionality in the system; excitement around new releases; and new partnerships in the ever expanding range of offerings in the complex and highly populated software marketplace.

Much of this year’s conference was about the shift from traditional methodology to: more flexible licensing options and agreements; cloud solutions; Office 365; and all the possibilities this opens up for customers to find tailored, perfect-fit solutions for their business. There was also a focus on the opportunities for Microsoft Partners to be able to provide those perfect-fit solutions to customers. It’s a new world of win/win for all businesses.

At Fenwick Software our business doesn’t grow unless our customers grow, we have a vested interest in doing what we can to help them succeed.

At Fenwick Software our business doesn’t grow unless our customers grow, we have a vested interest in doing what we can to help them succeed. For our customers, we hope that’s a comforting thought. We see ourselves as Trusted Advisors, not just IT consultants. And we understand that trust isn’t won with the sale of a NAV license, it’s earned over a long period of time.

Fenwick Software prides itself on being at the forefront of its field. So usually when the conference leaders discuss the new way of selling and doing business, we find we’ve been doing it that way for years, which is reassuring. Microsoft recognises that it is no longer simply about making the sale, it’s about long term relationships. That it’s not about just selling the product, it’s about helping businesses meet their goals through the implementation of systems that give them successful outcomes in a smart and innovative way—keeping them ahead of the game. They recognise that customers don’t want to buy a software package, they want to buy a solution to the business issues they are dealing with day-to-day. As a key Microsoft Partner with a Gold Competency in ERP, Fenwick Software has always employed this approach.

Coincidentally, this Friday September 16th, we will celebrate the fact that we have been doing this since 1976.

Written By Chris Johnstone

Chris joined Fenwick Software in 2010. He is the company’s Finance & Commercial Manager. Chris is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Business Accounting from Monash University. As well as being responsible for the Fenwick’s finance and accounting operations Chris also helps to manage commercial relationships with customers and suppliers.


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