I’ve always been a perfectionist. Growing up, my Lego was always built to spec—never a block out of place. Now as an IT consultant I’m passionate about implementing quality software that works. I’m the Quality Manager at Fenwick Software and work with our consultants to set standards and make sure everyone is properly trained to follow them. We hire people who share the passion for perfection and we have a culture of constantly looking for ways to improve.

I was really proud to read Andrew Lang’s recent blog where he discussed his frustration with having to deal with substandard software. Andrew joined Fenwick Software two and a half years ago as a graduate. He brought his passion for perfection; I helped teach him our standards; and it’s very rewarding to see him doing things the right way day in day out. Just as Andrew does, I constantly ask myself, ‘Why?’ when I see imperfect work. Having standards and an attitude of constantly seeking ways to improve is simply good business. The cost of fixing poor work, both monetary and to the firm’s reputation, is far higher than getting it right the first time.

Having standards and an attitude of constantly seeking ways to improve is simply good business.

Whether it’s taking over a poorly implemented Dynamics NAV system, or my constant frustration with shoddy tradesmen working on my home renovation, I can never comprehend how someone can turn up for work, complete their work inadequately, happily receive money for it, and move on to the next job.

It can be hard work striving for perfection. I often find myself disappointed and frustrated. However, I’m lucky I work for a company that cares, with people who care, so I can invest my passion in my work and be satisfied. And at home I’m building a good arsenal of power tools, money well spent if it means one less shoddy tradesman to deal with.

Written By Brad Foot

Brad joined Fenwick Software as a NAV consultant in February 2002 after completing a Bachelor of Information Technology degree at Swinburne University. He spent time in Germany working with NAV partner agiles on their workflow software before returning to Fenwick. Brad is a Principal Consultant and Fenwick Software’s Quality Manager. He is also Product Manager for the Fenwick Gold suite of granules that provide additional functionality to NAV.


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