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Business Analysis and the Power of Imagination

Creative Art is probably the last thing one would think of when conducting a business analysis. In the world of system implementations, business analysis is conducted to gather requirements, find gap/fit with the software and provide solutions to address these gaps.

For me, though, business analysis has always presented itself as a blank canvas. This is the time where we get to re-write the rules of the game; this is the time where we look around us and observe what other businesses do and what makes them successful then we adopt and adapt these best practices so they create the most amazing picture on this blank canvas.

Business analysis is like painting on a blank canvas; this is the time where we get to re-write the rules of the game.

The intensity of this phase is high and the challenge lies in creating a balance of imagination, best practice, practicality, negotiation, efficiency and creativity. The rest of the implementation then becomes the execution of this dream. And the success of the implementation depends on the details that are drawn on the blank canvas.

In all our implementations business analysis accounts for 20-30% of the total project cost, and that allows us to work with our clients to make sure that we leverage the combined synergy that is created by forming the project team to provide maximum value. The result of these discussions can be seen via the many case studies that we have published on our website and the feedback that we receive.

Our clients say things like: “out of the box solution”, “that’s awesome”, “we now have visibility”. These comments make it all worthwhile – long hours; sleepless nights; and dreams that sometimes present solutions to complex problems.

Business Analysis provides the opportunity to be creative and to seek out new and better solutions.

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