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CustomerSource – How it can help you

If I had a dollar for every time a NAV customer switched to Fenwick Software and told me they had never heard of CustomerSource, which is one of the key benefits of your NAV Software Maintenance, I reckon I’d have about $36. Ok, so that doesn’t make me rich, but it does make me concerned about the lack of education customers get when they buy their NAV License.

Software Maintenance (or what Microsoft refer to as the Business Ready Enhancement Plan – BREP) is on-charged from Microsoft at 16% of your license cost at RRP. Briefly, BREP entitles a customer to the latest upgrades, hot fixes, service packs, tax and regulatory updates, the ability to make changes to their license (adding objects, solutions or additional users), and CustomerSource.

Microsoft CustomerSource provides access to information such as knowledge-base, training and various tips and tricks.

The other benefits are broadly self-explanatory, but what is CustomerSource and why should you be aware of it?

Well, for a start, you paid for it! It’s included in the cost of your software maintenance, so you should definitely be aware of it. Certainly there are some customers who choose not to use this resource, however the customers who use it extensively find it valuable.

  • It provides access to information directly from Microsoft, including a Knowledge-base of the most common Microsoft Dynamics questions, plus troubleshooting tips and solutions to common issues.
  • It allows you to share issues and insights with other expert users via discussion boards.
  • It provides you with access to information to stay up to speed on the latest tips and trends with unlimited access to online training (e-learning), along with access to various downloads and documentation specific to your solution.
  • It allows customers to be proactive, productive and involved in their ERP solution. For newer implementations it also assists to drive user adoption and boost employee productivity with 24-hour access to various tools and self-support resources.

Fenwick Software encourages its customers to utilise the benefits of CustomerSource and ensure they have an active administrator controlling access for their organisation. We believe that this service assists our customers to learn how to get more out of their NAV ERP Software and improves overall business performance.

In order to access to CustomerSource you will need a Windows Live ID; you will also need to be invited to associate to your specific organisation by an administrator of the account, or your Microsoft Partner.

For information regarding your CustomerSource account, or any other benefits of your Software Maintenance, contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Why should I pay maintenance?

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