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Dynamics NAV, Serving the Service Industry

Not many organisations provide after sales services, but the ones that do are driven by strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) and continued excellence of service. The product life cycle doesn’t end for these companies when the product is sold—in most cases that’s when it begins.

Dynamics NAV comes with a standard service module—covering functionality from after sales service and warranty, to managing a fleet of equipment for servicing, as well as renting and servicing the equipment.

Equipment is managed under the umbrella of a “Service Item”. A service item can be created when a stock item is sold that requires after sales service, or it can be created manually if the equipment is owned by the customer or a third-party.

Dynamics NAV provides functionality for after sales service and warranty, as well as fleet management and maintenance contracts.

The following processes can then be managed within the system:

  • A managed maintenance program requiring servicing of the equipment at the defined period intervals
  • Any repairs that need to be carried out
  • Warranty based servicing
  • Contracts management, which includes rental contracts or any other maintenance agreement
  • SLA management

All the changes to the service item, as well as maintenance and repair orders are logged, creating a full history and information about the equipment.

Repair Orders go through a full cycle of status changes that are logged so that a full history of the repair is tracked and maintained.

Standard NAV functionality such as dimensions are fully integrated within the service module. This means that not only can detailed operational reports be generated but also dimensions based reports are available, tracking the overall profitability of the service business.

If you are involved in a service business and your current systems are not serving you well, come and have a chat to one of our consultants about the Dynamics NAV option.

Happy Servicing!