This blog post was inspired by the Introducing Apple Watch Video

You know it has driven Fenwick Gold from the beginning – this compulsion to take incredibly powerful ERP software and make it more accessible, relevant and ultimately better. We have designed and developed a range of granules so advanced, yet profoundly easy.

Fenwick Software conceived, designed and developed Fenwick Gold as a completely singular product. You can’t determine a boundary between standard NAV and Gold.

In FGv3.0 we are introducing an unparalleled level of technical innovation, combined with a design that connects with the user, at an intimate level, that combines to embrace individuality and inspire desire.

You see functionality that is new, but somehow familiar. With a refinement and precision that is born of functionality.

For the first time and with great intention we have designed not only new functionality but have also pulled the software apart; polished each piece and put it back together again.

Blending passion and perfection our metallurgists have forged a new gold, twice as tough and durable as regular gold. It references traditional software vocabulary and has added an elegant simplicity that is infinitely adjustable.

Creating beautiful software that is as simple and pure as it is functional, that has always been our goal at Fenwick Gold. I think we are now at a compelling beginning, designing add-ons to truly inspire the end user.

Written By Brad Foot

Brad joined Fenwick Software as a NAV consultant in February 2002 after completing a Bachelor of Information Technology degree at Swinburne University. He spent time in Germany working with NAV partner agiles on their workflow software before returning to Fenwick. Brad is a Principal Consultant and Fenwick Software’s Quality Manager. He is also Product Manager for the Fenwick Gold suite of granules that provide additional functionality to NAV.


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