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A Little Perspective

As many of you know, a few short weeks ago Australia, and indeed the world, lost a great young cricketer in a tragic accident. Phillip Hughes died playing the sport he loved, however the manner in which it happened is what really has made it difficult for so many people to accept. Such an innocuous blow to the head happens often in many sports. Rarely does this end in a loss of life.

Phil was just 25 years old with a promising career ahead of him. His distraught father Gregory, his mother Virgina, siblings Jason and Megan are now forced to find a way forward without him. As everyday Australians struggle to come to grips with the loss of this young man, please spare a thought for his family for their loss and hurt.

Unfortunate accidents such as this have happened before, and they will happen again. We can only hope and pray that it doesn’t happen to us or those close to us. It also provides a somewhat timely reminder of how fragile life can be; a healthy dose of perspective, whether you like it or not, on what is truly important.

Are the deadlines you are working towards so important that you should miss your daughter’s concert? Does missing your son’s basketball game really matter? Never making it home in time to share a dinner with your family because you are constantly working longer hours?

Sure, missing the odd milestone along the way is going to happen occasionally, but don’t forget:

  • Your daughter practised for hours and hours on end to make sure she made you proud and remembered all her lines in the school concert that you couldn’t get to…
  • Your son has been practising every day after school to be able to score his first points for his team to make you proud…
  • Your spouse has set the table for you with a fully cooked roast that’s now getting cold as she washes the dishes alone, again…

At times we all get extremely busy with work, and life, and we all do whatever it takes to survive those times. Working longer hours, delegating to others, shuffling deadlines around; trying to keep everyone happy can be HARD.

Please look after yourself over the festive season, and if you are lucky enough to have some holidays planned I hope you enjoy them to the fullest. If anything, the last few weeks have reminded us how important it is to have a little perspective.

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