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Many companies put a great deal of effort into finding new customers. High salaried salespeople with large commissions are hired to hunt for new clients.

Many of these companies ignore one of their greatest assets. An asset that sits right under their noses and yet somehow seems insignificant. Their existing clients, the ones they placed so much effort into getting.

I’ve worked for Fenwick Software for over eight years and one of the guiding principles that was spoken of so many times by our founder Peter Fenwick was that we see ourselves as farmers not hunters.

We strive to look after our clients and treat them with honesty and respect. I believe that everyone deserves respect and that mutual respect between businesses and business people is what builds trusted relationships. Relationships that can last a lifetime.

At Fenwick Software we don’t employ salespeople. All our sales enquiries from potential clients are handled by working consultants. The people you meet during the sales process are normally the consultants who will implement your system. They are not likely to promise something that they can’t deliver. They have no sales targets to meet or commissions to earn. It’s all about honesty, integrity and respect.

Fenwick Software has been around for thirty-seven years and the average employment term of its employees is over ten years. The company is based on long standing relationships both with its employees and its clients.

We care about our customers and strive to ensure that they get the best from the systems we implement. We are proud of our reputation and the relationship we have with our customers.

We place a high price on loyalty.

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