The world is a very long way away from true electronic transactions. Every day our clients will handle hundreds if not thousands of pieces of paper and electronic documents. These documents such as Delivery Dockets, Invoices, and Certificates of Conformance are crucial to the structured processes that occur within Dynamics NAV. However the documents themselves are often stored in an unstructured manner and are time consuming to find when needed.

Dynamics NAV has a simple way of linking document path to data records; this Record Link functionality allows NAV to be the central point to find all information required for a process. It also saves users time trawling through Windows Explorer looking for files, however it requires a manual process and requires all users to be disciplined on where and how they save documents.

To improve the record link functionality, the Fenwick Gold team has developed a new Granule ‘Advanced Record Links’. This allows the setup of a structured file system of rules within NAV. Users can then simply Drag and Drop or Paste files directly into NAV and they will be saved, named and linked to the appropriate place. You can also optionally generate record links automatically by scanning directories periodically using smart file names and subdirectories.

Fenwick Gold ‘Advanced Record Links’ Granule

Fenwick Gold ‘Advanced Record Links’ Granule

This has significant benefits saving users significant filing and retrieval time and ensuring Data and Documents are in one integrated system.

Written By Brad Foot

Brad joined Fenwick Software as a NAV consultant in February 2002 after completing a Bachelor of Information Technology degree at Swinburne University. He spent time in Germany working with NAV partner agiles on their workflow software before returning to Fenwick. Brad is a Principal Consultant and Fenwick Software’s Quality Manager. He is also Product Manager for the Fenwick Gold suite of granules that provide additional functionality to NAV.


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