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One of the key requirements always requested for new warehouse or manufacturing based implementations is to plan inventory replenishment better. Having less inventory on the shelf and fulfilling more customer orders on-time are two business objectives often set to measure the success of the implementation.

There is always a focus on making sure that the requisition and planning functionality is set up to streamline the ability to meet customer demand, and the crystal ball is polished to make sure the forecast is accurate. The question then is, how do we measure the success?

Fenwick Gold modules such as Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting and the Production Scheduler have given our clients better tools to plan their stock levels better. However it has not been easy to analyse the improvements until now.

DIFOT Reporting (Delivered In Full On Time) is a new Fenwick Gold granule which enables you to easily capture and report on your sales performance. It also enables you to analyse the impact your suppliers are having on the ability to meet your orders in full and on time.

Utilizing the Fenwick Gold Advanced Analysis Reports granule enables you to report on: DIFOT % and Average Actual Delivery/Receipt Days vs. Planned Days by Item, Customer, Vendor and Dimension.

So with the tools to improve your processes, and now to analyse the results, Fenwick Gold can help you to continuously improve your business, increase customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

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