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Have Implementation Projects Changed?

My first experience implementing systems was as a sidekick to an old hand. He worked from a series of tick lists detailing the steps required to successfully implement the system. It was a fairly stressful event for me at the time as I was given many of the tasks to handle alone, learning the techniques as I went. It stretched me professionally, and looking back it was a great learning experience.

That was over 25 years ago when software was technically very different than today, but the overall methods of implementing an ERP system haven’t changed much. The key components of system implementation remain pretty much the same.

At Fenwick Software we have developed and documented our implementation methodology to give a consistent and repeatable experience for our clients. It provides a framework from which we can build a project plan to suit the client’s needs. It is not a rigid methodology but a flexible one, one that provides stability and visibility whilst remaining agile enough to change if circumstances require. It also helps us to provide more accurate estimates for implementing systems.

Our high level steps are:

  • Discover – Spend time learning about the client and their business
  • Workshop – Work through the processes and workflows with the client
  • Solution Design – Design the system configuration to suit the needs of the client
  • Build – Develop any required enhancements to the software
  • Pilot & Test – Work through scenarios and workflows using the developed system
  • Train – User training (Direct or ‘Train the Trainer’)
  • Deploy to Live – Provide support at Go-Live

Post implementation reviews of each project ensure we all learn from our experiences. We are continually reviewing and refining our methodology with the help of many senior consultants. This gives us a renewed perspective using fresh eyes, tempered by experienced minds.

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