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Selling Software or Providing a Solution

Over the years I have worked in a number of large companies with sales and marketing personnel. Dealing with the conflict exhibited between sales and operations was a day to day proposition – rarely pleasant; take this sample conversation I recall hearing once between a Sales Manager (SM) and Operations Manager (OM):

SM: ‘I promised the customer delivery by end of month to close a big sale.’
OM: ‘You promised what?! I don’t have the staff to complete that on time.’
SM: ‘Well I checked with the CEO, he approved it so you’d better get it done.’

And the fight can escalate and get ugly, as this one did. You can imagine how frustrating it is to have people make promises on your behalf that are impossible to achieve.

Now compare that to your experience dealing with the sales and marketing team we have at Fenwick Software. You might struggle a bit because we don’t have a sales and marketing team!

The refreshing approach to business that Fenwick Software takes is fantastic to be a part of. No sales spin, no marketing spin; just experienced consultants who are experts in Dynamics NAV. We genuinely care about achieving a positive outcome for our customers for any project we embark on.

Ask yourself who you would trust more when deciding where to purchase your software, a travelling salesman who derives a portion of his/her income from commissions, and makes promises on behalf of others, or an expert consultant who will personally deliver and implement the solution that they designed working with you?

Companies that sell software do need a sales team. At Fenwick we don’t sell software. We provide solutions.