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The Journey has just Begun

Challenging, stimulating, satisfying- these are only few of the qualifiers that define my experience at Fenwick Software. It has been a little over a year and half since I made the switch from being a University graduate to an IT professional. The first few weeks of joining the company, I didn’t really feel like a professional but the more I assimilated into the “Fenwick” culture, I became more confident in adapting to my environment and be a value to our clients.

I remember my first day… Being totally engrossed in a big pile of papers called “Fenwick Induction Program”. There were documents about the values and culture of the firm, about how I would learn not only Dynamics NAV but also learn more about our existing customers. In addition, the individual mentoring sessions provided a different dimension of support from my colleagues and senior consultants. I believe this friendly attitude along with the willingness to assist, is reflected in the work we all do. It not only exists within the boundaries of the office but flows through to our clients.

Having been actively involved in two major projects and assisted several clients in their daily operations, I was exposed to numerous sides of businesses including manufacturing, warehousing and services. Being a part of the ‘Fenwick Gold’ project team, I was able to sharpen both my management and development skills. The experience so far has been invaluable.

As one of my colleagues pointed out during my initial interview, every day has definitely been different with new challenges and opportunities. I believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there’s an exciting journey awaiting me here at Fenwick Software. I hope to explore new territories and continue to maintain our 35 year old unique culture, while delivering value to our clients.

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