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Using Social Media for Business

In the last nine months Fenwick Software has been through the process of trying to work out whether social media is relevant to its business, and if so, which strands of social media we should use. We looked at the main social media options: Facebook; Twitter; Blogs; You Tube and Linkedin. Many of us already had Linkedin profiles and Facebook pages; few use twitter. We studied these media, what they are used for and by whom. Then we conducted a survey to find out what social media, if any, our clients are using. There is little use of Facebook but a majority use Linkedin. On the strength of our investigation we decided that Linkedin, a Blog presence, and the use of You Tube would be the most appropriate first steps for Fenwick.

Linkedin offers individual profiles, company pages and discussion groups. These were the features we honed in on to communicate with contacts who share business interests. Fenwick’s Linkedin objectives are: to present profiles of our staff members; to present a profile of the firm; to communicate with both customers and prospects; and to offer a discussion group forum where people can get the benefit of shared experiences and of our expertise. The objective of our blog is to provide interesting, informative and sometimes entertaining snippets for our clients, prospects, partners and staff. We have started using You Tube (FenTube) to provide quick demonstrations of our Fenwick Gold modules, and for customer case studies.

All this took time and planning (perhaps the subject of a future blog post) but the response has been encouraging: the blog has increased its readers from five in the first week to fifty last week; the discussion group trebled in a matter of weeks; and the Fenwick Linkedin company page has had 250 visits. So come and join us. If you are not on Linkedin, you might find it worthwhile to set up an account. If you are on Linkedin, establish contact with one or more of our team and visit:

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