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Changing the past to report a better future

Fenwick Gold is a set of Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-ons that we have developed over a number of years. When we first started prospecting for the most useful features, we found that one of the problems our clients struggled with, was to fix incorrectly posted dimensions (“Reporting Groups”). Using this experience we decided that a set of simple tools to safely and accurately update past transactions would be invaluable to many of our clients. The very first Fenwick Gold module “Dimension Management” was struck.

Dimensions are the key to analysing financial and sales data in Dynamics NAV, hence it is very important to ensure that values are correct. Unless there are rigorous internal processes to ensure all master data is setup with correct dimensions values, errors can occur. These master data values then flow through to posted transactions and cause reports to be incorrect.

One of the strengths of Dynamics NAV lies in the knowledge that once posted, the data can never be deleted or changed. However this feature can also be unforgiving if, based on erroneous set up, many transactions have been posted with incorrect dimensions. Reversing and correcting transactions in bulk is not always possible so the exercise can be very time consuming.

Fenwick Gold now makes it easy to correct all transactions related to any Customer, Vendor, Item or Salesperson. You can simply correct the setup on the master record and run a function that will update all historical transactions with the correct values. This saves the need for time-consuming credit notes or manual journals, and ensures that reporting is consistent with the business classifications set up within the system.

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