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As our understanding of this universe grows, we create more and more scientific theories to explain various phenomena; we create new processes and methodologies to do things more efficiently and we create models to explain and predict human behaviour.

Take ERP Projects for example; we have Prince2, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), Agile Project Management and Microsoft Sure Step Implementation Methodology etc. to manage projects. Combine this with various human behaviour models such as MBTI (Myer Briggs Personality Type Indicator), DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Caution) and Type A and Type B personality theory, what we get is a mechanized view of the world that takes a little bit of “human-ness” away from humans.

For larger projects, I have found these tools to be really helpful in formalizing a project, but quite often clients want a human touch. They want to rely on our recommendations and trust that these recommendations originate from a “serving mindset”. This can only be established by creating an open and honest relationship and building rapport with the client. This might mean that sometimes our interactions with clients become somewhat informal but it also means that we understand our clients better.

This “rapport” was crucial for the success of my recent implementation. The customer team was able to trust my recommendations even if that meant turning their processes 180 degrees around. In this unique case, they were able to realize the return on their investment within few weeks of going live, strengthening the relationship even further.

My current implementation is similar; the client has some cumbersome processes but they have agreed to go ahead with my recommendations. We have had pilot sessions and the future looks hopeful.

I am sure that a new case study will be posted on the website soon once we go live…. Fingers crossed!