A Payment Method in Dynamics 365 Business Central is used to indicate to the system when Pay-It should be used to process a document or transaction.

How do I create a Payment Method using one of Pay-It’s providers?

To create a Pay-It Payment Method:

  1. Locate and open Payment Methods.
  2. Specify a Code and a Description.
  3. Select a Pay-It Account for your new payment method. The account must contain have a setup status of Completed.
  4. Select the Method Type you’re expecting to collect payments with.
Pay-It with StripeIn-person payment via Reader
Online Payment using Saved Cards

You are now ready to start accepting payments with your newly created payment method.

Passing the Pay-It surcharge fee on to customers

Each Pay-It Account Type can be set with a fee % for processing a transaction. You can pass this fee can be passed on to your customers by automatically including the fee in the charged amount. This can be done by enabling the Pay-It On-Charge Surcharge option.

Warning: Some laws do not allow the oncharging of surcharges. Ensure that you comply with any laws that may apply to your business. If you’re unsure whether such laws apply to your company, consult with your legal counsel. 

Pay-It Surcharge PercentageThe percentage of the total charge that will be added.
Pay-It Surcharge Amount (LCY)The flat fee that is applied to the total charge.

The flat fee and the total charge percentage will be factored into the charged amount to ensure that you receive the desired amount from your customer.