The registration wizard will take you through the creation of your Pay-It Account which requires some basic information about your business and your identity.

Set up your Pay-It Account

The completion of your Pay-It Account can take some time depending on the type of account you’re setting up, and the validation and verification steps required for your business.

To set up a Pay-It Account:

  1. Search for the Pay-It Accounts page.
  2. Select the New drop down, where you’ll find the action Add Pay-It Account. This will open the registration wizard.
  3. You’re now ready to begin the registration wizard. Move through each step using the Back and Next buttons located at the bottom of the wizard. 
  4. Select the Account Type you wish to add and follow the provider’s registration steps*.
  5. Once you’ve reached the end of the registration process you will see a completion message. This will give you the chance to modify the Account Description and display a summary of your Pay-It Account details. Select Finish to complete the registration and close the wizard.
  6. A Pay-It Account will be found in the accounts list with a Setup status of Completed.

* If you cannot finish the registration process due to validation and verification, select the X action to close the wizard and resume it later. You will be returned to the Pay-It Accounts page, where you will find that your account is listed as In Progress. Select In Progress to continue the registration process.

Selecting the type of Pay-It Account

Multiple providers may be available depending on your location and market. Specific instructions for each provide is included below:

Set up your Pay-It with Stripe account

To create a Stripe account using the Pay-It Account registration wizard:

  1. Select Stripe as the Account Type you wish to add.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of using Pay-It with Stripe and registering an account with Stripe. 
  3. Fill out information about your account. Enter the Description you wish to give this account.
    • Enabling Test Mode restricts the account from receiving money and can only simulate transactions.
  4. Read the Stripe and Pay-It Processing Fees terms and conditions.
  5. Open and complete the Stripe onboarding link to continue the creation of your new Stripe account and to verify your business and identity.
    • The onboarding link will expire after an extended period so you may recreate it. To generate a new link, close registration wizard and click on In Progress for your account. This will return you to the current step of the registration process with a new onboarding link.
  6. After completing the Stripe onboarding process, you will be redirected to Fenwick’s website. Return to Business Central.
  7. Click Finish to complete the registration.