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Add pallet control to your warehouse with improved traceability and simpler management of serialised cartons.

The app works by adding a Pallet entity to your warehouse. You can build up pallets at the point of production output or on purchase receipt. You can move pallets as a single unit throughout the warehouse, and link pallets to an outbound shipment.

Building pallets allow you to group inventory. This can be made up of a single item type, or mixed item type. Random weighted cartons are also supported, so you don’t need to manage your cartons at a serial level.

Move a pallet through your warehouse

Once you’ve built up your pallet, you can move it easily through your warehouse. Avoid re-counting stock by moving serialised, partial, or mixed pallets together.

Use pallets with existing solutions

There are several out of the box integrations with existing Business Central solutions:

  • Mobile WMS scanning – scan an entire pallet at once instead of individual items for increased handling speed.
  • Business Central Item Tracking – link your pallets with Lot Numbers for full traceability and integration with Lot Quality Control. Build by serialised carton to assist with random weight management.

Easily manage a pallet

Split and consolidation screens let you to merge and split pallets where needed. This works from both Mobile and Desktop devices, so you can manage your cargo from anywhere in the warehouse.

Shipping pallets

When you’re ready to send a set of pallets, you can attach them to an Outbound Shipment on Sales and Warehouse documents. The system will automatically update the remaining pallet and print new labels.