G/L Account Categories in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allow you to group accounts in your chart to specific categories used for reporting. They’re required set up to use Fenwick Gold Finance for Business Central.

What do I need to set up?

For each posting account in the Chart of Accounts, an Account Category and Account Subcategory need to be set. Totalling accounts do not require this to be set up.

How do I assign G/L Accounts to categories?

The Account Category and Account Subcategory can be assigned directly to the G/L Account via the G/L Account Card.

Alternatively, the G/L Account Categories summary page can be used.

Can I create my own categories?

Yes. However, you must leave the following top-level categories as-is:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Equity
  • Income
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Expense

Subcategories can be created through the G/L Account Categories screen, in conjunction with the Indent, Outdent, Move Up and Move Down actions.

What is the standard configuration?

This standard configuration is the default mapping of Business Central G/L account categories to the corresponding parameters in the Fenwick Gold Finance semantic model.

Level 1 Categories

Fenwick Gold Finance ParameterBusiness Central Category
Assets (Level 1 Category)Assets
Liabilities (Level 1 Category)Liabilities
Equity (Level 1 Category)Equity
Revenue (Level 1 Category)Income
Cost of Goods Sold (Level 1 Category)Cost of Goods Sold
Expense (Level 1 Category)Expense

Level 2 Categories

Fenwick Gold Finance ParameterBusiness Central Category
Current Assets (Level 2 Category)Current Assets
Current Liabilities (Level 2 Category)Current Liabilities
Shareholder’s Equity (Level 2 Category)Common Stock
Interest Expense (Level 2 Category)Interest Expense
Tax Expense (Level 2 Category)Tax Expense
Extraordinary Expense (Level 2 Category)Extraordinary Expense
FX Losses Expense (Level 2 Category)FX Losses Expense
Depreciation and Amortization (Level 2 Category)Depreciation and Amortization
Interest Revenue (Level 2 Category)Interest Income
FX Gains Revenue (Level 2 Category)FX Gains Income
Extraordinary Revenue (Level 2 Category)Extraordinary Income
Fixed Assets (Level 2 Category)Fixed Assets
Payroll Liabilities (Level 2 Category)Payroll Liabilities
Longterm Liabilities (Level 2 Category)Long Term Liabilities

Level 3 Categories

Fenwick Gold Finance ParameterBusiness Central Category
Inventory (Level 3 Category)Inventory
Accounts Payable (Level 3 Category)Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable (Level 3 Category)Accounts Receivable
Purchases (Level 3 Category)Purchases
Purchase Prepayments (Level 3 Category)Prepaid Expenses
Liquid Assets (Level 3 Category)Cash