Bank Account

Advanced EFT adds validation to the Bank Branch Number ensuring that it complies with banking format requirements from both Australia and New Zealand.

We have used the standard Bank Branch No. field and removed the additional EFT BSB No. field to reduce setup requirements.

EFT Remitter Name has been added to the bank account card and is used in the creation of the .aba file.

Vendor Setup

Advanced EFT adds a new field to the Vendor Card called EFT Lodgement Ref. This field overrides the EFT Lodgement Ref. number from the eBanking Setup table making the lodgement reference vendor specific. 

Customers and Employees

Customers can be setup with EFT details and refunds can be processed via EFT in the Cash Receipt Journal. Employees can be setup and paid e.g. expenses via EFT in the same way as Vendors.

Payment Journal

The Lodgement Reference number has been made available on the payment journal allowing for it to be edited on the journal line during processing.

The create EFT payment function has been changed to allow for a bank account to be selected by displaying a dialog when running the function. 

Advanced EFT will enforce that the Bal. Account No. field is blank and inserts a balancing Bank Account Line to balance the payment journal. 

EFT Register

Additional fields have been added to the EFT Register. These fields are;

  • Document No.
  • Register Type
  • Template Name
  • Batch Name
  • Status
  • Process Date
  • Currency Code

ABA File Handling

Changes have been made to the way in which the .aba files is created. Rather than using the journal lines document number, Advanced EFT using the Vendor Lodgement Ref. number.

The EFT Bank Code field has been increased allowing it to fit to the maximum field text limit and the EFT Remitter Name is now correctly referenced in the .aba file. 

Advanced EFT (on-premises) introduces the option to save the .aba file to the server. This is not available in standard EFT where the .aba automatically downloads in the web browser. We have included a setup which specifics the file extension and allowed for a EFT Lodgement Ref. number.


You can print remittance advices with Advanced EFT the same way as you would in standard. This can be enhanced with the Good Looking Documents app which will provide improved layouts and emailing functionality.