Back Order Management can automatically create/update inventory picks with the required quantity as stock is received via purchase/transfer etc. This is especially useful when combined with Reserving partial inventory for orders with shipping advice complete, to automatically update partial picks used for reservation.

Do note when existing invt. picks are updated the lines are delete and then recreated with the new quantity.

Enabling Auto Create Invt. Pick on Receipt

Navigate to the location where you would like inventory picks to be automatically created as stock is receipted at this location, and enable Auto Create Invt. Pick on Receipt

Monitoring the auto creation process

Back Order Management runs the auto creation process in the background via job queues. To monitor the status of this process navigate to Job Queue Log Entries. Filter Object Type to Run to Report and Object ID to Run to 7323 (Create Invt Put-away/Pick/Mvmt), you can view any errors that occurred from here.