The ABN validation worksheet lists detailed information about vendors or customers requiring validation.

  • Use the Customer ABN Validation Worksheet for Customer records.
  • Use the Vendor ABN Validation Worksheet for Vendor records.

You can fill out the lines in bulk and further process the lines by using the actions.

Actions on the ABN Validation Worksheet

The following actions are available on the Vendor & Customer ABN Validation Worksheets:

Suggest LinesGenerates lines from Vendor or Customer records. If a record already exists in the worksheet, the Suggest Lines action will not update it. The line can be deleted in the worksheet or by updating the card with a Registered ABN.
Validate LinesApplies ABN check on all records on the worksheet. In the worksheet lines, you can edit the ABN field. This will automatically update the line, showing whether the ABN is active or not.
Implement ChangesApplies all changes made on the worksheet lines to their respective records.

After the changes have been applied, the Vendor or Customer card will reflect the changes implemented and the record will be registered upon successful validation.