Receivables/Payables Management streamlines the receivables and payables process by providing an on-screen overview of outstanding accounts. The screens consist of an overview of all outstanding customer accounts for the Receivables Overview and all outstanding vendor accounts for the Payables Overview.

The granule splits amounts owing into user-defined aging buckets and allows statements and outstanding invoices to be resent. These user defined aging buckets will be reflected on the AU/NZ Statement and Aged Accounts Backdating reports.

Detailed information can also be accessed via the Overview screens, allowing the user to drill down on each amount for individual aging buckets for each client to see a list of transactions that make up the outstanding amount.

It’s also possible to retrieve more information about the customer or vendor from this page, such as contact and bank account details or relevant sales prices and discounts. Customer or vendor comments can be accessed and added to directly from this screen. Many reports can be printed directly from the screen.

This granule will save processors the time they would otherwise spend switching between screens and consolidating required information and provide the flexitibity to produce special reports that can be used for company specific business decisions.