• Upgraded app to v17
  • Made compatible with BC v19


  • Fixed amount drill down not working on settled VAT reports
  • Fixed amount drill down showing incorrect entries due to filter for row no.


  • Fixed editability for fields on the General Pane when switching cards on BAS Report Card


  • Updated documentation and help URLs in app and test suite


  • Added license checks
  • Changed publisher name from Fenwick Software to Fenwick
  • Updated test suite


  • Reverted visibility for Submit action on BAS Report page
  • Hides “BAS ID No.” and “BAS Version” fields on BAS Report page
  • Hides “BAS to be Lodged as a Group” and “BAS Group Company” fields on General Ledger Setup page
  • Renamed all files to new standards
  • Improved code quality


  • Added tooltips


  • Added tooltips
  • Updated AU translation units


  • Fixed a bug with report substitution.


  • Integrated Microsoft Standard BAS Changes implemented in BC 15.3.

  • Applied Microsoft hotfix 38650.
  • Extended VAT Entry Page with BAS fields.

  • Fixed Translations.

  • Fixed Inconsistency error when posting settlement with additional reporting currency
  • Added functionality to post only those records marked by the BAS Report
  • All Zero GST entries are automatically closed for the selected reporting period
  • Removed “Close GST free” Options from Report “Calculate and Post GST Settlement“

  • Improves standard BAS reporting process