The following areas need to be set up to complete your BAS:

General Ledger Setup

To populate GST Sales Entries and GST Purchase Entries you must activate GST Report.

Setting up your GST Statement

GST Statements are the template for how the BAS figures should be calculated.

This will usually be set up by your business partner in the first instance. The GST Statement will tell the system where to accumulate the data from and which BAS box to accumulate the data into.

There are two ways to complete this setup, either manually or using the Company Setup Toolkit.

GST Statement

  1. Locate and open GST Statement Templates from search
  2. Select or create the record for BAS Statement Template, then select Statement Names
  3. Select or create the record for the default Template Name, then select Edit GST Statement.
  4. Setup the GST Statement for BAS using the following format, see How to Setup a GST Statement for more information. An example is shown below.
Where to accumulate data from
TypeGST Entry Totalling
Populate fieldsGen. Posting Type
GST Bus. Posting Group
GST Prod. Posting Group
Amount TypeAmount = GST Amount
Base = amount excluding GST
TypeAccount Totalling
Account TotallingPopulate with relevant G/L Accounts. Use standard Business Central filters
Amount TypeAmount
Which BAS Box to accumulate data into
TypeRow Totalling
Populate fieldsDescription
Box No.
Row Totalling

GST Reports Configuration

  1. Locate and open GST Reports Configuration from search.
  2. Edit or create a record with the following setup.
GST Report TypeBAS Report
GST Report VersionCURRENT
Suggest Lines Codeunit ID745
Content Codeunit ID0
Submission Codeunit ID0
Response Handler Codeunit ID0
Validate Codeunit ID744
Specifies then name of the GST StatementBAS
GST Statement NameDEFAULT (Note: this field may be different depending on the setup of the GST Statement below). This field can also be left blank.
Post Settlement When SubmittedMust be ticked
Disable Post Settlement FieldsMust be ticked
Disable Submit ActionMust be ticked. This field determines the visibility of the Submit action on BAS Report page.

GST Report Setup

Ensure that there is a No. Series setup for BAS Report No. Series.

The No. Series may be setup to allow manual numbering, if you wish e.g., to use the BAS Document ID as the BAS Report No.