Pack-It and Ship-It with Business Central

Every warehouse packs items and then ships them to customers. It’s the final and most important part of the supply chain procedure. Many companies manage shipment through ad-hoc modifications, or through disparate systems; which can be error-prone and difficult to track.

We’ve made the dispatching process easier with the introduction of two new apps: ‘Pack-It’ and ‘Ship-It with SmartFreight’. Together they provide a dispatching solution that integrates with Business Central.

Our goal is to streamline the procedure and give clients an easy way to deliver items and communicate information to various carriers.

How do they work?

Pack-It is the foundation of Ship-It. Both will be separate apps, but you can’t have Ship-It without Pack-It. They are the ultimate dispatching duo.


Pack-It acts as a manifest document for deliveries. It will include an integrated packing list in Business Central. Sale items will be grouped together per sale, relaying the exact details of delivery. The app generates neatly displayed information so the goods can be packed accordingly.

Ship-It with SmartFreight

Once the goods are packed correctly, we select a carrier to deliver those goods. The process of choosing the carrier is where Ship-It with SmartFreight comes into play.

We have partnered with SmartFreight to produce the app. We chose the SmartFreight solution for its access to hundreds of transport providers, flexibility and ability to give users total control.

Our app will allow clients to choose which carrier they would like to use for each customer and the default services, along with who will be charged for the shipping.

The process involves a screen in Business Central that gathers the necessary information to dispatch. This includes the customer preferences such as default service, carrier, billing options, as well as the weight and dimension of the goods.

Packages screen shows all data including special instructions, delivery date, cost, items getting shipped, and contents of each item ect.

Once a user has selected relevant information, they press the ‘Ship It’ button. SmartFreight reply with a Consignment Number confirming the service selected with the carrier. A carrier shipment label automatically prints and is stuck on the item to be sent. Once the carrier arrives to collect, they locate the item with the right package number, scan it and ultimately deliver it.


The Apps together will handle all shipping requirements in one synchronized platform on Business Central delivering the following benefits:

Simplifies the process of trading with multiple carriers

Our solution is designed for clients that trade with multiple carriers with various shipping methods. Each carrier has a different format for their shipment label. Irrespective of which carrier a user chooses, the label is automatically generated from the same printer in that carriers’ format. This saves time and improves communication with carriers.

Tailors to suit internal shipping preferences

Ship-It provides a one stop shop for choosing an appropriate carrier. It aggregates data from possible carriers that could deliver the package. From here it presents a screen showing pros and cons such as delivery, time, cost, and types of packages they allow. Based on this data informed decisions can be made on the most suitable option for delivery.

Compare shipping options screen

Produces accurate and efficient information

The apps generate precise data while allowing flexibility for customer preferences. This results in decreased shipping errors and a streamlined process, allowing customers to receive goods in a timely manner.

Whats next?

Our next step is full implementation on the Business Central App store, so we can continue integrating our dispatching duo with more clients!

We have recently performed a successful go-live of Ship-It with Trans Tank International (TTi). TTi General Manager Ross Buchner adds “Whilst it is early days in the implementation, we feel we are already seeing tangible benefits from the Business Central/SmartFreight integration. We are confident the solution will continue to evolve and become a highly sought after app for businesses looking to streamline their despatch operations”.