EDI Fusion – More Functionality with Dynamics 365 Business Central

EDI Fusion for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Since Dynamics NAV 2016, Fenwick Software has provided EDI Fusion as an integrated solution for EDI transactions with major supermarket chains, such as Coles and Woolworths. This continues for Dynamics 365 Business Central with the recent release of EDI Fusion 13.0.

Additional configuration options have been added to support four new major partners: Aldi, Bunnings, Lincraft, and Super Retail Group. Accreditation with these partners can now be done out-of-the-box, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to create connections and test transactions.

Accreditation with Aldi, Bunnings, Lincraft, and Super Retail Group can now be done out-of-the-box.

Downloading files and creating new orders within Business Central has also significantly improved for all partners. Local network failures no longer interrupt the downloading process, which will simply restart when the connection becomes available again. The maximum inbox size has also increased from sixty-four kilobytes to two megabytes to ensure that an influx of orders or returned acknowledgements doesn’t interrupt the downloading process.

We have also improved the ability to Reprocess orders. One of the most useful instances of this is when an order is received for a new store that hasn’t been setup as a Customer or Ship-to Address yet. The user can correct the data error by setting up the new store, opening a list of Errored Interface Entries and clicking Reprocess.

The setup of new items for EDI transacting has also been simplified. Users no longer need to define a Base Shipping Unit for their parcels. The system now relies on the Sales Unit of Measure to build parcels, and the quantities are converted in the outgoing EDI messages to the customer if they ordered in a different unit of measure. For example, if the customer ordered an item in units that are sold as cartons.

Overall, the new release of EDI Fusion extends functionality to four new partners and provides several quality of life improvements for those already using the software.

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