• Added more columns to Time Sheet Overview screen.


  • Fixed disbursement showing twice in invoices.
  • Fixed lookup on Last Invoice No.
  • Added discount columns to all tables on invoice reports.
  • Allow work type on text type Job Planning Lines.


  • Fixed captions in the disbursements section.
  • Fixed invoice notes unable to be cleared.
  • Retain unit price and related fields on Job Journals for non-chargeable lines.
  • Various improvements to the Sales Invoice and Pro Forma Invoice report layout.
  • Added job heading to the Sales Invoice report.
  • Only require job notes on Type Time Job Tasks.
  • Added Fixed Qty. Variable Amount option on Recurring Job Journals.
  • Default Work Type from Job Task onto planning lines.
  • Added Schedule Line and Job Planning Date to Job Planning Lines query.


  • Made compatible with v24.


  • Fixed Job Note No. not being set when reversing Job Ledgers.
  • Fixed Line Discount % not being set correctly on Planning Lines.


  • Added PBI queries.


  • Fixed Time Sheet Completion incorrectly highlighting lines red.
  • Fixed Recurring Job Journal Line Text not replacing wild cards.
  • Fixed amounts not displaying on Time Sheet Completion.
  • Show all resources on Time Sheet Completion.
  • Default Job Task Invoice Type from Job.
  • Fixed invoice report not showing fees without notes correctly.
  • Fixed invoice not grouping by Job Task correctly.
  • Added Job Note Date to Job Ledger Entry.
  • Added Invoice No. and Date to Job Planning Line.
  • Added action to clear ready to post filters.
  • Fixed comment lines incorrectly showing on credit adjustment reports.
  • Scheduled Jobs no longer default to type billable.


  • Added support for Disbursements.
  • Fixed Job Notes not transferring when reversing Job Ledger Entries.
  • Fixed permission issues with the new pricing experience.
  • Fixed incorrect dates on Job Notes.
  • Allow Job Notes to be created manually for Job Ledger Entries and Planning Lines.


  • Added support for price list prices for Review Time Sheet and Time Sheet Completion pages.
  • Fixed Job Task Work Types not being used on Job Journal Lines.
  • Fixed Ready to Post not filtering correctly.


  • Fixed Job Notes not being transferred to Job Ledger Entries.
  • Fixed invoice report not showing all invoice notes.


  • Fixed dimensions not being set on time sheets and job journals.
  • Improved Reallocate Time Sheet page to allow for both adjusting and splitting time sheets.
  • Improved various captions.
  • Prevent job tasks from be blocked when there are unposted time sheet entries.
  • Review Time Sheet screen now filters ending date to last week Sunday.


  • Minor improvements to Time Sheet Completion Overview.
  • Removed load limit on Review Time Sheet and sorted by customer name.
  • Fixed time sheet lines not being updated to the correct time sheet when changing dates.
  • Fixed Review Time Sheet not showing the correct budget value.
  • Added Bill-to Name to Job list.
  • Fixed Job Journal Line text not being deleted with the Job Journal Line.
  • Added Hide Job Tasks without Time option to Review Time Sheet.
  • Fixed incorrect unit price on Review Time Sheet.
  • Fixed error when selecting a Resource No. on Create Recurring Job Journal Line.


  • Target v21.
  • Made compatible with v22.
  • Added Reverse Job Ledger Entry function.
  • Added job-based approval management.
  • Various improvements to Time Class setup.
  • Various improvements to queries.


  • Improved Review Time Sheet page layout and performance.


  • Initial release.