• Fixed issues when copying routing and production BOM.


  • Fixed error when changing Replenishment System on Item Templates.


  • Upgrade app to v22.
  • Made compatible with v23.
  • Cleaned up code.


  • Fixed incorrect query being used to copy Prod. BOM versions.


  • Fixed production BOM and routing part visibility check on Item card.


  • Made assisted setup searchable.
  • Updated new app URLs.


  • Added prod. BOM & routing version prefix feature.


  • Reworked copying BOM and Routing records to avoid table locking issue when running Copy Item simultaneously.
  • Hide and disable Production BOM and Routing options on Copy Item page if the source item is not a Production item.


  • Removed custom PromotedActionCategories for Configuration category.
  • Moved existing promoted actions into Process & Item category on Item Card.


  • Breaking change: The Publisher has been updated to “Fenwick. If your app is dependent on Item Configurator, please update its Publisher to “Fenwick and the minimum version to “17.1.220321.1 in your extension manifest.
  • Change BOM & Routing status from Option to Enum.
  • Marked UpdateBOMRouting function in Item table extension as obsolete due to changing scope to ‘internal’.
  • Upgraded test suite to v17.1.
  • Updated test cases and test library.


  • Added new OnBeforeCopyProductionBOM & OnBeforeCopyRouting integration events.


  • Converted Production BOM & Routing line copying logic to queries for better performance.


  • Reworked Assembly BOM Lines part visibility on Item Card to fix issue when opening non-inventory items.
  • Removed “Parent Item No.” TableRelation modification on BOM Component table extension.
  • Updated minor code cleanup.
  • Added “Previous Operation No.” field on Routing Version Lines page.


  • Fixed production BOM and routing tabs defaulting to collapsed on the item card.
  • Fixed production BOM and routing being unintentionally copied during copy item.


  • Bypasses standard Production BOM and Routing rename checks.
  • Fixed Production BOM & Routing deletions or renames only occur when the numbers are same as the Item No.
  • Added and promoted “Assembly Where-Used” and “Production Where-Used” actions to Configuration group on Item Card page.
  • Updated Production BOM & Routing deletion handlers to run by a filtered Item set instead of marked records for improved performance.


  • Integrated with new Item Copy functionality in 17.0.
  • Added permission sets.


  • Initial release.
  • Improve Bill of Materials and Routing setup for quicker entry and better insight into cost calculation of manufactured items in Business Central.