FG02 Advanced Analysis Reports


The Analysis Reports module within Dynamics NAV provides flexible functionality for user based creation of custom sales, purchase and inventory reports. Many of our clients use this module extensively to handle their reporting needs. To make this module significantly more useful for them we have streamlined and simplified it, while extending its functionality.

The Advanced Analysis Reports granule provides the following benefits:

  • Improved speed and performance.
  • The guaranteed use of up to date data.
  • Makes it easier for all users to run reports as required.
  • Saves time by avoiding formatting in Excel.

The granule achieves these with the following functionality:

  • Improved keys and summary options on Analysis View to speed up running of reports.
  • Auto refresh of lines and auto building of Hierarchical and top 10 reports.
  • Extra filtering possibilities for Items, Customer and Vendors.
  • Including unposted figures and Resources.
  • Excel format customisation from within NAV.
  • Analyse Bill-to and Sell-to sales figures.
  • Including Customers and Vendors in Analysis By Dimensions


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