Easy Security is a simple way to manage user permissions within Dynamics NAV.

Through day to day use we’ve found the standard menus for managing security in NAV are limited and don’t work to their full potential. This is highlighted particularly when working with many users across many departments.

To help alleviate this and unlock the full potential of user management, we’ve created the concept of ‘Groups’ which help organise users into logical business roles. Simply adding a user to a group they will automatically inherit the appropriate permissions necessary, all with one  click. This means you no longer have to apply permission sets individually to user.

We’re confident that you will save time with Easy Security. We’ve designed the matrix overview screen to give you a dashboard of the various users and the permissions they’ve been allocated.

Setting up new users is just a single checkbox click, without having to copy and paste permissions between users.
To remove a user, simply uncheck the box — no additional steps or synchronising required.

This granule has been superseded by NAV 2016 onwards; Microsoft have implemented a similar solution into their standard product.