Power BI Gold Sales Reports

As I explained in my post on the 4th of July, Power BI Gold takes all the hard work out of implementing Power BI for reporting from a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. It consists of individual report packs, each relating to a specific module in NAV with its own unique set of standard visuals and datasets.

In this post, I’m going to explore the Power BI Gold for Sales Report pack in more detail. Power BI Gold for Sales consists of two reports with separate datasets—the Item Sales Report and the Sales Order Report.

Power BI Gold for Sales consists of two reports with separate datasets—the Item Sales Report and the Sales Order Report.

Item Sales Report

Fenwick Gold Power BI Sales Reports

The Item Sales Report focuses on historical item sales, with the data being sourced from Sales Lines and Value Entries. Incorporated into this is Item Budget Entries to give you the capability to report budget vs. actual item sales. In addition, the Item Sales Report allows you to report item sales by Customer and Salesperson as well as filtering by NAV Dimensions 1 to 8.

This report also supports the NAV Item Category Hierarchy (and for Pre-NAV 2017, Item Categories and Product Groups). This becomes particularly useful if you transact with items that are unique in nature, for example, made to order items, where individual item reporting may not give you the level of information you need.

Some of the standard measures available  you can use “out of the box” include:

  • Sales Amount/Quantity
  • Cost Amount
  • Budget Sales Amount (and the amount variance to actual sales)
  • Gross Profit/Gross Profit Margin

All measures also have their relevant Year to Date (YTD), Previous Year (PY) and PY YTD calculations to support year on year comparisons of your data.

Sales Order Report

Whilst the Item Sales report focuses on historical item sales, the Sales Order report provides data relevant to sales orders that haven’t been posted in your system yet. This data is sourced from Sales Lines. In the Sales Order report, you’ll be able to report on Sales Orders by Salesperson and view Sales Lines against the amount of inventory you have available.

The standard measures in this report include:Fenwick Gold Power BI Sales Reports

  • No. of Orders
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Quantity Invoiced
  • Quantity Shipped
  • Qty. Shipped Not Invoiced
  • Outstanding Qty.
  • % Invoiced

So, Power BI Gold for Sales will help you get the most meaningful insights from your NAV sales data. Try it.

Written By Nathan Gorga

Nathan initially joined Fenwick in February of 2017 for a six month Industry Based Learning (IBL) placement during his Bachelor of IT degree at Swinburne University. He then continued working for us part-time while he completed his degree. Once he graduated Nathan became a full-time Fenwick consultant. He has a particular interest in how data can be manipulated in a way to best improve business decision making.


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