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Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Fenwick Gold Granule Advanced Analysis Reports provides strong reporting capabilities across your whole business. However, strategic decision makers rely on information that can be consolidated into patterns and indicators that represent the state and direction of the business – this is where Zap BI (Business Intelligence) comes in.

Zap BI (Business Intelligence)
Zap BI (Business Intelligence)

Zap BI is our recommended tool for in-depth analysis of the information stored in your NAV database. It transforms your database into an Analysis Cube; and is designed to work closely with Dynamics products, NAV dimensions. Moreover, enhancements can also be easily included into its analytical capabilities.

At the start of 2014 we were provided access to the pre-release of Zap BI and CubeXpress. It’s since been released and has introduced several new features, including support for Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 and Dynamics NAV 2015.

Some of the powerful new features of Zap BI include;

  • New Engine: transforms your graphs, making them interactive with zoom and hover tool tips.
  • New Graphs: the Tree Map, Word Cloud and Sparkline graphs fill in the gaps left by Excel reports, and look amazing for at-a-glance representation of important information.
  • Fresh Mobile Interface: for analysis on the move or in the warehouse! View of all your reports on your phone or tablet.
Zap BI (Business Intelligence) Mobile
Zap BI (Business Intelligence) Mobile

There are also great new developments in compatibility and performance, such as:

  • NAV 2015 Compatibility: if you upgrade your Dynamics NAV installation you won’t be without your analytics.
  • Data only updates: you can have more regular updates of reports during the day without the need to rebuild the whole cube. Your IT team will appreciate this!

Zap upgrades are available under existing Zap licences, and new licences give you full access to all versions of the software. Once installed, you can get started with the new BI engine and really supercharge your analytical capabilities.

Contact us today to get the latest version of Zap BI.

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