The following improvements have been made to the Purchasing Role Centre

The home menu includes the following commonly used pages:

  • Vendors
  • Contacts
  • Items
  • Purchase Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Return Orders

As well as the following actions:

  • Requisition Worksheet
  • Subcontracting Worksheet
  • Order Planning
  • Purchase Prices
  • Purchase Line Discounts
  • Item Tracing
  • Navigate

Activities and Cues

The activities section has improved upon the standard Purchasing Agents activities section, new cues are highlighted below:

  • Purchase Documents for Release
    • Quotes Open (New)
    • Orders Open
    • Orders Pend. Approval (New)
    • Orders Pend. Prepayment (New)
  • Purchase Orders Released Not Received
    • Upcoming
    • Partially Received (New)
    • Received Not Invoiced (New)
    • Delayed (New)
    • Delayed Lines (New)
    • Average Days Delayed (New)
  • Purchase Returns
    • Returns Open
    • CR/Adj Notes (New)
  • My Approval Requests
    • To Approve
    • Sent For Approval

Common new document actions are also included:

  • New Purchase Quote
  • New Purchase Order
  • New Blanket Purchase Order
  • New Purchase Return Order

Insights and Lists

The following insight charts and graphs are included:

  • Power BI Reports (hidden by default)
  • Purchase Performance (hidden by default)
  • Inventory Performance (hidden by default)

The following lists are also included:

  • Vendor List
  • Item List
  • Report Inbox
  • My Job Queue (hidden by default)
  • My Vendors (hidden by default)
  • My Items (hidden by default)
  • My Analysis Reports (hidden by default)