The following improvements have been made to the Administrator Role Centre

The home menu includes the following commonly used pages:

  • Extension Management
  • Job Queue Entries
  • Users
  • Workflows
  • Web Services
  • Configuration Packages

As well as the following actions:

  • Assisted Setup
  • Configuration Worksheet

Activities and Cues

The activities section has improved upon the standard IT Operations activities section, new cues are highlighted below:

  • Job Queue Entries (New Section)
    • Errored
    • On Hold
    • Scheduled
  • Administration
    • User Pending Period
    • No. Series Period
  • Data Privacy
    • Fields Missing Data Sensitivity
  • My Approval Requests
    • To Approval
    • Sent For Approval

Insights and Lists

The following lists are included:

  • My Job Queue
  • Report Inbox