Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS is user-friendly mobile warehouse scanning solution which integrates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This ready-to-use system includes the mobile application and the integration to Dynamics NAV.

Selecting the right mobile devices is made easy with a range of compatible devices delivered with hardware partners such as Honeywell, Motorola and Zebra Technologies.

Tasklet handles all aspects of NAV Warehousing;

  • Simple Shipping and Receipting
  • Lot Tracking/Serial Tracking
  • Inventory Picks/Put-aways
  • Warehouse Shipments/Receipts
  • Stocktakes/Cycle Counts
  • Bins Specific Tracking
  • Industry Coverage

    Tasklet solutions are used in many different industries from hospitals, food and beverage, cosmetics, furniture, clothing, printing and transport to manufacturing.

  • Works Online and Offline

    Allows for your warehouse users to work in a range of environments and situations. Whether in a freezer, or in the warehouse without Wifi coverage.

  • Reduce paperwork errors

    A completely paperless warehousing solution to work processes to be fully mobile. Registrations are all validated through Dynamics NAV, so existing business logic is enforced.

  • Improve picking speeds

    Centralised pick creation, pick allocation, real-time availability & inventory levels and close coupling of devices and software.

  • Tote Picking & Shipping

    Alongside NAV’s advanced warehousing, warehouse users can pick using totes and automatically group picked totes into logical buckets for shipment.

  • Flexible Devices

    Designed to work with a variety of devices varying from rugged handheld scanners through to wearable devices to suit every warehouse situation. Works on both Windows Mobile 6.1 and Android devices.

  • Product Life Cycle

    Regular product releases allow for smoother upgrades and new functionality.

Tasklet Factory is based in Aalborg in Denmark with their solution available across over 35 countries. Fenwick Software has partnered with Tasklet to bring these applications to Australia.

To find out more about Tasklet Factory industry cases, visit their website www.taskletfactory.com/en/industries


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