Mobile Warehouse Management Systems for Android

Fenwick Software has worked with Tasklet Factory for over seven years delivering warehousing solutions that enable clients to improve business workflow and limit duplicate entry reducing paper recording in the warehouse. Late last year Tasklet Factory announced the new Android edition of the Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) application.

This has brought with it a new selection of devices to satisfy an increasing number of workplace situations—ranging from its traditional rugged device offering to sleeker smartphone-like devices without physical keypads.  There are improvements being released not just in this version but in each version of the product. It’s worth noting a few key features, new and old:

Tote Picking Tote Shipping

Used with NAV’s more advanced warehousing, this adds the concept of a Tote whereby warehouse users can pick for warehouse shipments and group Totes by Source No., Destination No., or Warehouse Document No.

Assignment of Work

Just as NAV allows you to assign employees to warehouse movements, these will flow through to the Tasklet application allowing for central work assignment.
This can be used for stocktaking—after calculating a warehouse stocktake you are able to specifically release batches to mobile devices.

Signature Capture

The latest Android release allows you to add a step to capture a signature as an image field. This has been incorporated into the standard receive and ship steps.

It’s good to see an ongoing stream of  new developments for this product. Fenwick is also working on additions to WMS so we can strengthen our manufacturing clients’ work processes through new ‘Tasklets’ such as “Production Output” and “Production Consumption.”

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