FG10 Item Configurator


When setting up a new Manufactured or Assembled Item in standard NAV you have to go to at least 3 pages and manually link BOMs and Routings to Items. This makes the process of setting up and maintaining items very time consuming. To alleviate this pain we created The Item Configurator which streamlines this process. The Item Configurator has the following features:

  • The BOM and Routing headers are automatically created and linked to the Item.
  • On a single page we have the Item Card, Production/Assembly BOM and Routing.
  • Actions and fields associated with Item Configuration have been promoted.
  • Version Management has been integrated and the Active Version is always shown.
  • Standard Cost is broken down into Material and Capacity Cost fields.

All our manufacturing clients use the Item Configurator – it has provided them with many benefits such as:

  • Streamlined entry of new manufactured/assembled Items.
  • Better visibility into all aspects of a manufactured/assembled Item.
  • Faster maintenance and checking of manufactured/assembled Items.
  • More detailed insight into standard cost breakdown.
  • Simplified version management.

See it in action