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Power BI Gold for Manufacturing offers instant ability to analyse production data on Business Central.

Out of the box capability with standard measures

Comes with 50+ pre-built standard measures ready for reporting, such as:

  • Capacity: Runtimes, Setup Times, Capacity Available/Used
  • Consumption: Expected/Actual Consumption
  • Output: Expected Output Quantity/Amount, Remaining Output Quantity/Amount, Finished Output Quantity/Amount

Slice and dice

Filter and compare with Business Central Dimensions 1 through 8, along with Capacity, Consumption and Output measures.

Power BI Gold Suite

The Power BI Gold Suite takes all the hard work out of implementing Power BI reporting. It seamlessly links Business Central data to Power BI out of the box.

With Power BI Gold you can build reports by any dimension in the Business Central. Measures are ready to go, and the data is already modelled for analysis; instant plug and play for business reporting.