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All the information you need on the most cost effective way to leverage your investment in Dynamics NAV.

New to Fenwick Gold?

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step to realizing the full value of your Dynamics NAV investment. Fenwick Gold is continually evolving based on the suggestions of the Gold user base, and our on-going implementations of Dynamics NAV.

Fenwick Gold Service Level Agreement

As part of your Fenwick Gold annual maintenance fee, you are provided with on-going product support for all your Gold modules. This includes:

  • New Product Releases
  • Service Packs
  • Hot Fixes
  • Tax & Regulatory Updates

Any Fenwick Gold incidents will be investigated within 8 hours of the support request being raised, and any required hotfix deployed immediately as required.

We will continue to provide product updates and hotfixes for any current major version of Fenwick Gold and the immediate prior version.

Fenwick Gold Support Lifecycle

The Fenwick Gold Support Lifecycle offers three years of support for each major release at the highest service pack level. Within the three year support lifecycle of each major release we will:

  • Consider user change requests to product design and features
  • Provide Security updates as required
  • Provide Hotfixes and amendments in line with NAV hotfix and service pack releases

When a new service pack is released, we will provide 12 months of support for that service pack, where we will offer the same service as offered for each major release.

Once the support period has ended, we can still provide and install the product version if required for your current version of NAV, however we will not provide any further updates to the product, nor consider any change requests to that major release or service pack.


Some frequently asked questions in relation to Fenwick Gold are listed below. We will continually update this section of the support page to include new questions we are receiving from our user base.

What makes Fenwick Gold great?

Fenwick Gold has a number of inexpensive modules that you can purchase separately to enhance your existing NAV installation. Rather than commissioning a specific modification, Fenwick Gold is managed and maintained for future version so you do not need to worry about the functionality being available when you upgrade.

Does my Fenwick Gold license and maintenance fee cover installation?

There is no charge for installation of any Fenwick Gold module when purchasing as part of a new NAV implementation from Fenwick Software. If you already have an existing NAV database without Fenwick Gold, we can provide a fixed price for installation.

Is Fenwick Gold certified by Microsoft?

Yes. Fenwick Gold carries the highest certification possible from Microsoft – the ‘CfMD’ tag – ‘Certified for Microsoft Dynamics’. This means the product has been fully tested and appropriate levels of documentation have been provided. You can read more on the CfMD program here.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Logo

How long has Fenwick Gold been available?

Fenwick Gold was first released in July 2011. Since then it has grown to include a much greater depth of functionality as driven by our experience implementing Dynamics NAV, and requests from our existing NAV and Fenwick Gold user base.

I’m running NAV but without Fenwick Gold.  Some of those modules would solve problems I’ve had for years. Where do I go from here?

Contact us! Fenwick Gold can be installed into any existing Dynamics NAV v5.0 or higher database. It is an inexpensive way to leverage your existing investment in NAV.

Do I have to buy the Foundation Module?

Yes. All Gold Modules are built on the Foundation Module so this module is required as a prerequisite for all other Gold modules. However, it has some excellent functionality included, and at only $1,500 is a bargain.

Learn more about the foundation, and other granules

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