Swinburne – Fenwick Software partnership continues to grow

Fenwick Swinburne University partnership

Last week we continued to celebrate the Swinburne Fenwick Software partnership with a series of networking events. The first online event was attended by Swinburne undergraduates from the Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) and Bachelor of Accounting and Business Information Technology (BABIT) degrees. This year’s program was particularly exciting because it starred our our new team members Sophie Blake, a 2018 alumni and Megan Ellis, a 2019 alumni.

Actually, we have a long history of partnering with Swinburne University. We began sponsoring the BBIT degree as far back as 2000. Our program began with the first student and now Business Development Manager, David Love, and continued to sponsor industry-based learning placements since then. Today over a third of our staff at Fenwick Software were home-grown at Swinburne University.

This really speaks volumes for the relationship we have with Fenwick Software. We are so grateful for
the support that Fenwick Software gives both programs.

Janine Muir, BABIT Course Director, Swinburne University.

New team members share their experience

Sophie Blake and Meagan Ellis shared a brief history and background of Fenwick Software in the online presentation. They talked about the pathway of students and the attributes valued. They shared their own journey from the initial placement to date.

What placement could look like

Students at Fenwick Software can expect to enjoy responsibilities from day one. In effect they are treated as graduates. Along with the graduates they participate in the induction program.  

The company’s more autonomous approach is in complete contrast to placements at the larger firms.
The program runs in a tutorial-style and is led by internal experts. It covers technical installations and troubleshooting, Business Central processes, accounting principles, support etiquette and more. 

Each student enters a 20-week program. During the program they are introduced to the teams and the company’s expertise.

Stay tuned; End-of-year network event

Following last week’s online event, we’re thrilled to announce we will be hosting a face-to-face professional network event for students attending BBIT and BABIT courses.

The function will be held at the Nevermind Bar. If you are currently attending the BBIT and BABIT courses and did not receive information, please by all means contact us

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