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Korean pop star Psy had a massive hit with Oppa Gangnam Style in 2012 which took the world by storm. And even though the dance moves might take a while to forget, eventually we will.

Sometimes it’s hard to identify the events or people who will be with us for a very long time, and separate them from those who are only making a brief cameo in our lives or our business.

Like all businesses, we need to manage the constant flow of cold callers and telemarketers wanting to sell us phone systems, holidays, vending machines, people (recruitment agencies), or form strategic alliances. Of course your personal investment in these phone calls is minimal; long term relationships rarely stem from someone who is trying to make a quick sale.

So how do you avoid being a fad and create an environment which will sustain continued success? It starts with vision; it takes time and patience; continual dedication; and belief.

Fenwick Software has been around since 1976 – it’s hardly a passing phase or fad. Our average length of service for employees is over 8 years, and we have 15+ customers who have been with us for over a decade. Peter Fenwick has spent 36 years ensuring his company is viable and successful, now, in his role of Chairman, he is passing on his legacy to his most trusted long term employees.

Fenwick Software has a long proud history few other Software companies can claim. This stability is appreciated by our loyal customers who also appreciate that unlike Psy, Fenwick Software is not a one hit wonder.

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