Advanced Analysis Reports (my favourite Fenwick Gold add-on for Dynamics NAV) made reports a lot easier to set up and provided great looking reports at the click of a button (I wrote about these in my last post). After we completed the Advanced Analysis Reports module we started to toss around ideas to make life even easier for our customers. Atish Malla, one of our gun Fenwick Gold developers, said “what if the user does not have to click at all to run the reports”. I said, “Atish you are a genius, here are 100 Quality points,” and we created the “Report Distributor”.

The Report Distributor allows you to set up a distribution list of employees to receive sales, purchase, inventory or financial reports. You can schedule them to run periodically, for example on the first day of every month, and you can choose to send them in PDF or Excel Format. Rather than sending the actual file to everyone, you can have it stored centrally on a server or update an existing workbook and just send the hyper link. Once set up you can sit back and let Dynamics NAV do all the work in the background. We have already received a very positive response to the Report Distributor which frees up a little of your time for the more important things on your task list..

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