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One of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s strengths is the ability to accurately track stock within your warehouse, using the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) granule. This granule allows for (among other things) the ability to track inventory by Zone & Bins, as well as direct warehouse staff systematically where to put inbound stock and pick outbound stock from.

For any warehouse system to be able to accurately direct users to where stock is, the system must be told every time a piece of stock is moved. To do this in a paper based system can be time consuming, and often dissuades our clients from using these controls.

The solution is to use a mobile scanning device to allow Warehouse Employees to update the system in real time, through a simple interface designed to reduce errors. To help our customers achieve this, Fenwick Software has partnered with Tasklet Factory and Unique Micro Design (UMD).

Tasklet Factory is an industry leading mobile application add-on to Dynamics NAV. It provides all the functionality of the NAV WMS system on a Windows Mobile based scanning device. It is also flexible to handle customisations that might be carried out within Dynamics NAV.

Our partner, UMD, is a leading Melbourne based supplier of hardware & wireless network solutions for your warehouse. They are able to do a site survey to determine exactly how many wireless points are required in your warehouse, and provide the most suitable devices for your needs.

For more information, refer to Mobile WMS for NAV

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